The Art of Joshua Brann
Art, and digital art in particular, has been a refuge for me during these last few years when nothing else in my life went according to plan. Creating art on my iPad in Procreate and learning new styles and techniques have been quite therapeutic.
It's often difficult to tell when you've made progress as it's typically a gradual thing, but as I write this I'm taking down some of my older pieces to make room for the new, and it has given me the opportunity to see how far I've come. It makes me excited for the future, to see where I'll be on my artistic journey another year or two from now.
All of the pieces displayed here are my own Procreate creations with inspiration from Sktchy, Pexels, UnSplash, and my own imagination. I like to add fantasy elements to my paintings. I also like to add hearts, as you'll probably notice. It's kind of become my trademark, but what I enjoy the most is exploring different color palettes with an emphasis on saturated colors.
Thanks for stopping by,
Joshua Brann